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Chollebe Media’s talented team will design a conversion-driven content marketing strategy using our expert SEO tactics and lead generation experience.

We grew out of a technology company. We are a focused, badass digital SEO machine.

Marketers all agree that Google offers the highest ROI of any other digital advertising platform, followed closely by Facebook. we’ve known it for a long time. Succeeding in the digital age means valuing a synergistic approach that combines the power of organic traffic and paid advertising.

We align your goals with ours. We deliver what matters most to our customers. Get the ranking, visibility, traffic, and conversions you need to thrive while maximizing your budget, whether staying competitive or winning new business. Facebook, Google, and more. Put you in front of your audience at the right time in the sales funnel with our multiple platforms. We use sniper rifles, but in our competition we use water balloons. Who do you think will hit the target 89 meters away?

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Our SEO experts can help with a variety of SEO services:

The first step to building a digital presence is visibility through organic or paid search (PPC). When creating content, she has to consider two influential audiences: “Google bots” and humans. Keep everyone happy by designing great user experiences while creating relevant content. This is how you give search engines exactly what they want.

We focus on Google because the majority of all online traffic is generated from Google searches (over 70% globally). Our analytics developers are experts in optimizing websites to appear in search results.


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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our content production experts can help with a variety of content creation, such as:

Search Engine Optimization is a well-known acronym for SEO. Optimization is the foundation of all SEO practices. Once your brand’s presence (website, content, social media platforms) is optimized across the internet, it’s time to grow your online presence. Your website will appear on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). Your online customers will also find your company much faster.

SEO is the practice of modifying your online presence, especially your website, to make it more attractive to search engines such as Google and Bing. Search engines crawl (or scan) websites to understand their content. SEO best practices make it easier for search engines to understand your website. SEO increases the amount of organic website traffic and the quality of website visitors at no extra cost. It does not include paid media or placements and excludes direct traffic. A strong SEO strategy implemented on a website allows Google to identify that website as an authority website and direct users to your website.

Different search engines have subtle differences. However, most of his target market uses this major search engine, so he can usually focus on Google in his SEO strategy. Also, most of our organic traffic comes from Google.

We recommend hiring an experienced SEO agency or expert. This cost should be included in your marketing budget. How much you can expect depends on how much work is required to ensure success. The digital agency or her SEO expert will do the math after researching the scope of the project and outlining pre-established expectations. The average hourly wage for hiring an agency or SEO professional is about $150 per hour.

There are three factors that directly impact your SEO ranking, even if you’ve only implemented a very basic search strategy on your site. The factors to be aware of are:
Page Load Time — If your website loads too slowly your visitors will bounce and likely go to a competitor’s website. Google (and all search engines) will rank your website lower because of a slow page load time. This is something to pay close attention as we draw closer to the major update confirmed by Google. The Core Web Vitals update in March 2021 will focus on three aspects that directly — and dramatically — impact user experience on your site. Page load time features in this update and is paramount to securing your ranking or reaching the top of the SERPs.
Keyword Selection — Your keywords must be carefully chosen so your website and pages are listed under the correct search terms your ideal customer is looking for.
Content Creation — If you create quality content on your website your audience will find your site quickly, easily and will stay on your site to learn more. This increases dwell time which boosts rankings on search engines.

Yes, I can. It takes a little know-how and trial-and-error learning, but it’s possible to implement basic his SEO strategies across your website. However, SEO takes time, so to get it right you need to consider both technical SEO and on-page SEO. Additionally, you need to keep up to date with the changes in various search engine algorithms.

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